Trollop @itstarynblake Makes out with

full video here 

Our buddy lunatic_living sponsored welvins first sponsorette. 



It’s moments like this that I’m happy to have made someone’s dream come true ! No one believed I can do it but Welven finally found love with a brave woman I introduced him to #imakeimpossiblepossible #if-he-can-so-can-you ™@lunatic_living *

————————————————————-I wonder how many coins Tony tossed at this #Trollop. I’d say $300-$1,000. So yes, if a sheik wants to shit on you and offers 30k to fly you to Dubai to use you as a diaper and degrade you along with his squad leaders Abdul and Kahim, this proves it. They say money can’t buy morals nor class, but for a price you can surely strip someone’s elses. #TagTheSponsor



Just texted my buddy @lunatic_living to find out how much he paid the #Trollop @itstarynblake to kiss @welvendagreat. Here you have it folks. 2 bottles and little Instagram fame. #TagTheSponsor

How ungrateful. Doesn’t tag the sponsor, and ends up blocking him! @lunatic_living has to have contracts set up stating he needs to be tagged whenever he sponsors. #Unacceptable #TagTheSponsor

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  1. I have to call B.S on that one, if my phone battery dropped 11% in 22 minutes I’d be replacing it.

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