Lies. All lies. The whole bio is one big lie. What are we booking you for? You’re a 6, but really I’m just rounding off 5.8, and I’m being nice. So modeling is out of the picture. Fitness? Na, you must be smoking crack. With that lifestyle you flaunt, no way you’re taking working out seriously. Show us results. One thing left and one thing only. The booking is there to offer professional Ball draining services to #Sponsors. Let’s be real. We respect the hustle just not the disguise. So be a proud #Trollop and represent those skills with your chin up. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. here is an from a pic she posted on ig on May 19 2015"muhammadabdullahI wanna get fitchristopherjwhite@michellearigarza I’d love to get fit. Where do I start?fitmasterwideLinda ?michellearigarza@muhammad_abdullah @christopherjwhite I’d love to help! Direct message me.. X?"

    they are not even trying to hide it anymore……….

  2. Why can’t hoes just own up?

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