By real life she means #BrokeLife #Unsponsored. Already texting her next sponsor planning her next big hummus adventure. #HummusTravel2015 expect her in Dubai, Vegas or LA real soon. Got my money on it. On the right side you can see how much is would cost to charter a private jet rountrip to the Bahamas from Miami. The same model she’s in. More or less 43k. Please tell us what do you do. Or at least tag the owner or who sponsored the charter. #AFriendHuh #WhatKindaFriendIsThat #YouThrowingThePussyForAirmilesAndShoes #HowSway #IReallyNeedAnswers #WhatDoYouDoForALiving #SponsoredLarryTheCEO #TagTheSponsor

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  1. She’s doing her thing. Why are u so salty fam?

  2. That chick isn’t worth 500

  3. where are the hood ni99az/ black guys on this website?

    no homo

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