Fellas, want to know when a girl wants you to throw them a bone? When they flock to you for the wrong reasons? This is it. She will like only specific posts. Driving a fancy car? She’ll like that picture from 23 weeks ago. Sporting that Hublot? Don’t mind her, she’ll go like that too. This game is played mainly by bottle rats and new Sponsorettes. Stablished hoes no longer need to like certain images to get a bone thrown at them. They have the booking in bio and rocking red bottoms. So remember, next time you have that new Dime looking follower and she skips all of your 24 selfies and likes that one picture of you in a private jet that’s between another 12 selfies, she might just be insinuating that she wants a ride. She likes that yacht post from 4 weeks ago and not your new business venture post? She wants to go sailing. These usually don’t cost a price other than the fuel that will be used and a cheap bottle or two. Just make sure they tag you, you might be one of the few first sponsors before they slap on a set price on the poon. #TagTheSponsor

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