“Hey dude!

Just wanted to bring this to your attention. 

It makes it more annoying when you know someone directly that does what you post about.

This girl used to be a good friend of my wife. Now she’s a conceited little hobbit with a confirmed sugar-daddy. 

He’s a fat rich man that lives in England or Boston. He’s paid for her school and bought her a Tesla. She’s ordered a new Tesla for later this year as well. All, by the way, without ever having a job. She travels all the time and posts the typical pics by herself. Also always posting “blessed” ? And she NEVER mentions the 30-year-older sugar daddy she bangs that pays for all her trips and cars… You be the judge ??? No need to give credit if you decide to proceed. Thanks for your time. 

Have a good rest of your day.”


What do you guys think? be the judge. #TagTheSponsor

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