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  1. If this is from an actual lawyer, I’ll eat my hat. He misspelled Instagram. Also, if you have a public profile on Instagram, your photos are now IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN KNOWN AS THE INTERNET, and unless there is a very precise paper trail to show that personal photos were used for actual financial profit to a third party without your consent, you will most likely never win ish in court. I’m not an attorney and I know that. So GTFO with all that.

  2. What private pictures? LMFAO

  3. Her legal career??? OMG? At Dubai probably, lol

  4. She’s a hoe

  5. Haha this is the best joke ever!! CAREER IN WHAT? BEING A SPONSORETTE? Haha

  6. How much u charge julia?

    Bitch wrote this email on her own. She is already known from writing comments on her own under different names

  7. The lawyer is real – https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Ed8eXYv0UaU/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAXA/BObLOs1lYSA/photo.jpg.

    I know for a fact that there are girls in EE who have worked as escorts during the time of their studies. We actually had one of those working for us and she finished her escorting by age 26 when she finished her law degree. Not all of them spend it all on coke and handbags and are left with "experiences" at age 35. Some actually study in record time, marry a wealthy unaware Blue Pill Beta and live their lives more or less normally after that.

    The lawyer itself looks good enough to have worked as a trollop herself, so if I were her husband I might be interested in her past. She is defending that other escort partly because she was in the same situation. That outed girl may indeed be a lawyer.

    Now that said – it maybe a source of shame for her friends, family and some partners, but it won’t hurt her career that much. The likelihood that she would have been one of the few top-guard of their craft is very unlikely. Even Mrs. Lewandowska – her legal aide – seems to have married a well-connected Beta simp and instantly started her small law office specializing in corporate and internet copyright law.

    In any case I seriously doubt she wants this matter to go to the Polish civil court and have her trollop’s face and name plastered across the country’s papers. It will be mainly be contained to threats – just a former trollop helping another trollop.

  8. She is not … hahahah…. have you guys check her Instagram. She has pictures from traveling all over the places …. all alone. Hoe ….

  9. Julia isn’t a sponsorette I guess… she is just a model and that’s true she has big lips and i don’t like that but i guess she is not. though she is annoying with the big lips i’m serious, we are same nationality and i don’t think she is a sponsorette.

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