@diana.sparks changed to @msdianateamfit

Keeps changing her Instagram name. So just google her. Her tagged images will appear and her Instagram as well. 

Hello TagTheSponsor. Another “model” for you. Submitting this early, I messed up. Didn’t take the screenshots on time before she deleted her replies but I have the emails. Basically, she was joking that she better not be kidnapped and become a slave if she comes. She also said she would charge 50k but only if she can bring her friend @noelle. But I only offered 10k to her friend because here we prefer blondes. I then had my assistant Larry negotiate with her through email. Send me shirts please. And have a good weekend my good people. Stay blessed. 



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  1. that guy is frauding on his wealth. he has a picture of a bill for nearly 200K from a night at the bar that’s not even from him.

    took it from: https://3putt.wordpress.com/2011/05/13/go-ahead-and-drop-15-a-million-at-the-bar-this-weekend/

    loses all credibility

  2. Check out danielmirkin4 on instagram, old guy sponsoring. The girls he hangs with are not really posting any pics with him.

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