⛳️⛳️ My sponsor followers can agree with me on this one. This is the type of chick to follow you if you’re 1. A ball player, 2. In the music industry, 3. Or own an exotic car. This the type that’s already washed up but still has some thrust in the pussy and wants to milk every last cent out of it. She will like each and every single one of your lavish posts, and if you’re near her area, these types would usually comment something among the lines of “?” “omg luv this” “ahhh i luv that place??” in the desperate hopes for the bachelor to slide in the Dms on some “then maybe we should go together” type shit. Equal trade! We support it, just tag them and be upfront. Be like “Hi papi i an hungri I like calamari and u like rim jobs.”. The sponsors gets their balls drained and she earns a meal and a few pics to stunt on her “haters” and  fellow competitors. And best of all, they avoid being submitted on our page. Win/win. #SponsoredByRetiredAthlete #SponsoredBySomeCarDealershipOwner #Chapiadora #SingleColombianInMiami #MajorRedFlag #WhatDoYouDoForALiving #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Love the quote Rabbi

  2. She is dating a dancer Larry Bourgeois from Les Twins…

  3. lol this is for the #hood

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