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THIS. This right here is what our page is all about. So simple yet some of you (not our followers cus u mothafuckas the bomb) make it so complicated. I want to give a round of cyber applause to this young lady for tagging the Don(husband) in all of her images. Opposed to half of married Miami chicks that tie the knot with an older dude and never show him. We support this. We wish them nothing but the best. 

Not that this relates to this post, but we have no problem with you selling pussy or banging older wealthy man. We can’t say this enough. Just don’t front like that bullshit tea or fitness facade is paying off. Because 1. That body isn’t from working out, snip snip ?? and 2. With 100k followers you probably sold 10 bags of tea that week with a 10-20% commission. So you mean to tell me that paid for that Mercedes Benz. That paid for that 17k rt first class flight to Dubai? 

By all means sell pussy, we support sex workers or whatever you want to call it. Hell, if you want let’s partner up with an affiliate program and we’ll promote your dicksquatting services. All we want you to do is not lie. Too many fake real state agents, fake marketing entrepreneurs and life gurus. In the long run you’ll notice people respect you more for admitting your hustle. It’s 2015. We’re not stupid. Times have changed. We know what you did for those red bottoms, it’s okay. Just #TagTheSponsor

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  1. So why put her on your site? And then mention selling pussy for money a few sentences later? If this is your whole preaching goal in life why the hell passively aggressively shame her as well? Why is it so hard to understand some women just prefer men who can actually put forward something more than questionable looks and a loser attitude? Just like pm many men use women for sex? The women you prove will let anything be done to them for a puny few thousand dollars are a whole fucked up level of low however you post even more people you assume are this and that. Would love to see your face, author. Tag yourself and your girlfriend. Anything to hide? I bet we could judge you much better Ourselves, in just the same shallow manner about what your actual problem is if we see what’s on the other side x

  2. @david. Stop trying to be the good guy here. Not gonna get laid that way.

  3. So you’re admit you’re the asshole then. Don’t worry about me getting laid mate.

  4. @David chill out

    The blog is about "mean vs end", people here probably don’t care about sex worker, girls getting cash for getting fucked, but we hate (and laugh)when these girls lie about being "entrepreneur" "model" etc… its an insult to people really working in these profession.

    ANd yes in human society, since the beginning prostitute are not highly regarded by people, they get easy money but the price is being shamed by society, and its FAIR. now these girl dont want to pay the price of their activity, have the cake and eat it, well that piss most of us off.

    Finally your remark

    "Why is it so hard to understand some women just prefer men who can actually put forward something more than questionable looks and a loser attitude?"

    has not much to do with his post.Because the girls on this website have this definition for "something more " : lot of moneyif they look for smart guys, guys with nice starting career, with personnal or famillial value, that woudl be good, but they dont give a shit about this ^^ they just want money:)

  5. I like you guys but this is fucked up… If you don’t have a problem with her then why put her picture here at all? Why compare her to a sex worker?

    She’s married and seems to generally be leading a loving, normal, married life with him. It seems a stretch to even call her a gold digger; Not much in the way of photos flaunting a luxurious lifestyle or fabulous handbags; Just photos of a pretty upper middle class existence.

    Or is it that you have a problem with younger women dating older men?

  6. Yeah! Let’s shame the woman for being married to an older man! Her profile says she’s been with the guy for 6 years and she and him seem to be in a happy and loving relationship. Furthermore, her profile looks like her doing fun things with family and friends and she is following more people than there are people following her. She isn’t selling tea or showing off her body. Why do you passively aggressively try to humiliate and shame this woman who isn’t even doing anything?

  7. You are trying to sabotage a woman’s reputation and ruin her life when she seems happily married AND has only 600 followers but is following 700 people.

  8. Im often here. And I love reading post here, but srsly guys? I dont like it at all. Im also engaged with older guy and he also makes money. So what? I can be only with older guy while he is poor? This is not right. Really. They are married. Thats all.

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