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  1. Oh why is Mo Mo not posting his face? Is he embarrassed that he has to pay to fuck because like most Arab gentlemen of his calibre, he has zero game and his fragile ego can’t take the strain of a proper attitude a normal girl would give him if he were to actually go out and try to score in the west? So easier just to pay for girls to shut up? You’re acting like the guys would want to be tagged, mentioned and praised. The guys are just as fucked up, mostly cheating and or don’t want to admit they are fuckers who pay for sex. The girls are also paid for discretion. He doesn’t waft to be associated with someone who openly does what she does. Stop your butthurt bullshit, this is a two way street. Shame the pathetic hypocritical fuckers who go back to their wives and mosques like they just didn’t fuck fifty whores that month and preach like they mean something equally. Otherwise you just look like a jealous teenager acting out.

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