“Hello tagthesponser this Aussie here tried to come tell me a pity story how her family was sick and needed money to leave the country. She was so desperate she wanted to money asap. The Lord Henderson had sent this Trollop my way in hopes of busting her. Check out what went on. Enjoy”  

Enjoy your weekend TagTeam

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  1. I always thought beggars can’t be choosers, but this trollop is demanding first class and the Ritz to go see her "dying uncle"…

  2. I guess she’s not stressed enough to tell him her preference lol. I want Ritz…fxxk outta here with your uncle being ill BS. Jeez

  3. This chick… Really? I gotta leave asap.. But gotta fly business.

  4. Lmfao "I need to have my furniture tarped"

  5. Lol we have universal healthcare in Australia.

  6. Is that her phone number? Blur that ish out, I don’t want this slob to have anything to go after you guys with. Good work! Sick uncle lmao more like pushy dealer who gave credit/bills due combo

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