“I’m surprised to see her with a momo since she usually has the jungle fever. She’s friends with my sister or used to be. Things changed once she started getting sponsored. She was being sponsored by Terrence J the actor. Not sure she got much out of a D list celebrity, so she moved on to a few nba and NFL players that spoil her and fly her around the world. To her credit she has produced like a segment or two for E! but we all know how she got that gig. This girl is one of the biggest sponsorette and will just cover it with her producer and blogger claims which smart and hard working people know that it isn’t substantial enough to afford the lifestyle she flaunts.” No idea who this #Trollop is and nothing shows up on IMDB. All red flags have been assembled and are on the way up. #RedFlags #JetSetterHuh #LetsHaveATalk #WhatDoYouReallyDoForALivingHuh #ProductionWorkIsntConsistent #ProDickSquatter #SponsoredByLightSkinNFLPlayers #SponsoredByJamalTheSquintyEyesSelfieAficionadoLightSkinBaller #WhoYouFooling #ProducerTheseNuts #TagTheSponsor

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  1. The comments on this are rich rofl

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