I don’t trust anyone that flies first class with no known source of income. And let’s be serious, the eyebrows and pose tell me you don’t come from old money. #SoTellUsWhatDoYouActuallyDoForALiving #HummusCartelMember #ThisIsHowArabsShipDiapers #FirstClass #Blessed #EntrepreneurHuh #SellingPussyForHummus #SponsoredBySabra #SponsoredByMohammedTheSheik #AboutToGetHerSplinchterStretched #YouCanTellWhenABitchAintEverHaveShit #TagTheSponsor

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  1. I’d say she has a bf who provides for everything, including the money to start up the business

  2. She has no class…..look at those feet on the table…

  3. I actually think this one has a rich bf based on her pics. A very busy girl who travels a lot though. Her bf is clearly rich.

  4. She has a man who invests in her and in her business.That man provided money for her start-up, payed agencies to develop her websites, pays social media experts to grow her IG, FB.

    Money can buy everything nowadays: from her plastic surgeries, to her luxury lifestyle, and her fame (the illusion of being precious and important ). I mean, is not her fault, this is the "business model" followed by the majority of IG famous models and designers without design studies. Too bad nobody looks at the provenience of the money. Because, yes, the majority of these girls are escorts.

  5. I don’t think her business is actually doing any business. Just a cheap template site to keep up appearances.

  6. I saw her in the loby of The dorchester in london with 2 arab girls looking like whores. Not middle eastern and it look like they was ready To join a man. Trust me iman is still an escort and one men from dubai i know told me that she charge 5000 per night

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