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  1. She seems like a down to earth girl I don’t see why you are exposing her.

  2. Keena Morgan, you don’t actually get the concept of this site do you?

  3. Not a single word about sex is mentioned here. What are you exposing her of?? Going on a date with a generous man from dubai? This just sucks

  4. Obviously she’s a hoe, who would go on a date with a stranger from another country for 30k. YOu got exposed own up to it !

  5. Ouch another Miami girl exposed. Well she is from broward (ft. lauderdale) so she has a little more brains to get totally exposed. However they are all the same, get money and looking to upgrade their sponsors until they find someone that is acceptable to their friends.

  6. You need to expose girls from South Africa, there are alot of them here doing exactly the same thing.

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