Concerned mother

We love #TheTagTeam, so we decided to pull a few strings and contact one of our sponsors for Concerned parent. At first glance, we review the profile the concerned mother mentioned and really couldn’t get any red flags out of it. So we had to contact Sam to put in some work.

Lo and behold, ma’am your son is dating a #Trollop. We recommend he moves on, a good start would be not dating a diaper. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Actually @rlwawa works on wall street at a reputable company !!! And why cut off the whole convo?? Post the whole thing . Why didn’t u because my sister deaded that mutherfucker. Haha. Concerned mother my ass because my sister doesn’t deal with a cop. More like a bored ugly bitch up at 1:29am stalking my sisters page and sicking yall pathetic asses on her. Kill urself concerned desperate bitch! Don’t fake shit my sister deaded ur games and all u post it that!! Lol an ugly fat bitch or broke nigga made this page . Have a great life sad ppl!!

  2. This site is so sad Lmaooo but yall bitches will fuck for free???? Too funny

  3. I see her agreeing to a deposit. Not getting shat on.

  4. so her agreeing to a deposit is a normal thing? I notice she doesn’t seem at all surprised by the request, which is pretty suspect in itself, because for what reason besides hooking would she simply agree to that arrangement? no, sorry. I don’t care what she said after she got worried and suspicious, who the hell agrees to that?

  5. So what she agreed to that . When she got the email she showed all of us and we told her to get him to send a deposit and dead him. Lol so what if he’s dumb enough to send it he would have gotten deaded. End of story! They should show the whole convo instead of cutting it off. But this is entertainment to clowns like yall. So carry on with ur assumptions a bunch of broke ugly bitches and niggas so it’s fine. She great!!!

  6. when did ebonics become the standard language around here?

  7. When you received a life so fulfilling that it prevented you from being such a lame. It is so joyous that you wouldn’t have time to watch nor comment on a disgusting site as this one!!! Oh NO that hasn’t happened yet . haha. So no Frank Ebonics has not become a standard language but shit happens ! Creep!!

  8. So she’s a better person for attempting to just take money from a stranger for a service she wouldn’t provide? I get that a certain type of person might think the person offering the money "deserves" to be tricked out of the cash…but that means your friend is still a thief, or had the intention of being one. I understand this is your friend, but this doesn’t make her look good at all – at worst a prostitute, at best a petty thief.

  9. Bitch pls!!! Do you work ? Are you getting it yourself?? Why do you people have so much time on your hands being worried about someone else?? One of you are probably this "concerned mom" right lol. She was targeted because she doesn’t move like that and is barely in the scene. My sister has never dated a cop so a desperate bitch went to great lengths to make up fabrications out of pure jealousy!! Not that any of you deserve an explanation but she lives in no projects we actually own a condo in a great area from our parents!! She has a great job on wall street and for a fact to date has only ever slept with 1 man !!!! If a dummy was in my or even your inbox offering money I as well as you would have taken it . So cut the bullshit!! She could never be labeled a prostitute but you bored desperate people can pump that if you want to! Like I said show the whole convo not a cropped version. If he would have sent that deposit he would have been deaded. Say what you want because that person has no right to be in peoples inboxes offering money for sex in the first place !! This is so ridiculous that People have nothing better to do than to lie and fuck with people! Since when did you disgusting people become God ?? Who made you the judgement superior?? So this concerned mom person is better? They totally fabricated a story so my sister could be targeted? Can you say psycho?? You guys will fuck for nothing and if the opportunity was given would take the offer and really be in Dubai bobbing for apples . So save the bullshit. This was malicious and made up probably from a bitch who is obsessed or my sister took your man. This is a modern day hate crime.!

    • So that’s your sister? Yet you talk like a ghetto rat. Wall Street would never hire her the way you talk, ‘dead her’. Why is her IG deleted I mean she works on Wall Street right? All i can understand is that you know what wall street is but have zero clue as to what companies have a place of establishment. I’ll tell you what, i work HR at FM and every single person on wall street (besides the hot dog vendor) has a linked in. What is her LinkedIn? I mean she wouldn’t mind that is the purpose of Linkedin to show your are not bullshitting. So do not come back on here and talk about stalkers and creeps because linkedin is a eresume.

      Hunni take your ghetto ass and your sister outta here. Just like you said, ‘Just like you said, "So save the bullshit."

  10. That one man she slept,was the same she took from a bitch? Just to understand…

  11. Killa_ cam is your name ?? lol actually yes she is an accountant for a company dealing in hardware across the street from the ny stock exchange. I can give you any type of language I see fit! Your low so I intend on speaking to you in that very matter. You think that I would give you her linked, Instagram or anything of that such?? Your a fucking creep point blank period. Your talking about ghetto hoodrat and look at what screen name you used?? Okay killa … Lmao any way this is the last post. I get it this is a great site for non favorable broke bitches and men who simply cannot get women that look like us! It’s okay, it makes your life seem like something more when you judge and talk shit from behind a computer. Pathetic! Bottom line post the whole convo instead of cutting it off to gain excitement. Most of these women on this page don’t care because it won’t stop a man from still wanting them so at the end your still pathetic. My sister has a great job and we are fortunate to have parents who help greatly. All this judgement based on a chopped and screwed convo is hilarious. It’s so easy for weak minded, low budget and bored people to believe negativity instead of giving serious thought on the fact that they chopped a convo to make it seem a certain way! Yes ok you don’t have to sleep with a man to take him. Lol u can simply take him for a while and when your done you can let him go. we don’t come kicking dicks out of you people’s mouth so don’t sit here and assume what you see on a struggling site is right! Gn god bless and I hope your lives actually become something more than just opinion specialist! Lol

    • The convo wasn’t chopped or screw. We don’t do that. If you have anything to back it up prove us wrong. You are just another desperate liar trying to hide your sisters whoring. You ghetto piece of trash. And 80% of our fan base is the opposite of broke. But by the way you type I can tell you only graduated elementary school. And stop thinking in your delusional mind that people wish to look like you and your sister. Bitch got titties like a beaver tail. But you obviously live in the ghetto and people there would hit on a lamp of it had titties, so I see where the pretentiousness and conceitedness stems from. Have a seat you hood booger. Ps. It’s you’re not your. Spell check before calling someone out.

  12. You might’ve wanted to check out @thetaboomommy. She has a failed blog and IG.

  13. Tag the sponsor yes you do stop lying!!!! You cut the conversation off we have the convo and are more then happy to post it if there’s a way!!! What happened when my sister asked what do u want, why and u guys started talking about fetishes and sex and my sister deaded you guys . Titties?? Her shits are perfect she’s perfect which is why she was targeted. But you computer thug are probably ugly black or white and out of shape. Let’s see how u look??? It would explain why this site was thought of. Mad because you have to struggle blame your parents for your dna not innocent ppl! Like come on we don’t have to lie but you guys do. This site and you guys are pathetic promoting this bullshit. You guys cut convos, make up dumb stories about "concerned moms" when my sister never dated anyone who was a cop nor law enforcement and plus my sister just got out of her relationship of 3 years! She is only 21 so this is pretty sad that you people make up shit! I don’t have to hide shit. We could have just ignored this site that really isn’t going anywhere. But personally knowing some of these girls on this bs site Nothing I repeat nothing has stopped their hustle!!! So if your thinking this hating ass site is doing something it is not!!! You guys made up this shit then posted edited chopped and screwed convos!!! Yall are full of shit but keep on making shit up . Your probably bored jealous and ugly so u fit the bill! We own a condo and it’s far from the ghetto !! I graduated With a bachelors in social science so what you’re saying means nothing to me! Your a jealous person with nothing better to do then to worry about what someone else is doing. If you had a life maybe you would be happier but you don’t so you make up shit. Unfortunately my sister had to post the real convo unedited to Her followers because it’s sad that u people would do all of that. Especially throwing in the concerned mom act!!! Great. Let’s see how long this fake ass site lasts with all the fake shit you people make up.

    • It’s sad when the shits are perfect but the titties proves gravity is real. I can tell this is getting to you. You can’t be a prohoe than not like it when they call you one.

  14. Thank you @nop. From what it looks like is u reportedly received an email from the email address named but they have a failed ig account and blog??? But I thought it was a concerned mom emailing you guys at 1:29am sooooo concerned for their son who’s a cop right because he’s buying my sister stuff right??? But she never dated a cop ! Then the account is linked to blogs, ig, Twitter etc as failed! What concerned mom has all these accounts tho? Not to mention you people totally chopped and screwed the convo! Suspicious suspicious! You did the same to someone else on this page who I know personally. Their may have been some validity to that person but you totally cut the convo off and didn’t show the whole convo why? Because they declined the offer as soon as he said he wanted just a blow job and she told him being a companion is one thing but sex or a bj wasn’t happening if she didn’t WANT too! You guys left that out! come on guys come again with the bullshit! My cousin Gg is right. I just had to see this for myself! This is so sad my cousin was targeted but with lies!!

  15. You should also use auto correct yourself I’m upset what’s your excuse? Missing some words I see tag the sponsor! haha

    • We have your IP address. You keep commenting with different names but comes from the same IP. Cut the crap. She never denied anything. If you have proof email it to us. Whether the email we received was fake or not. The offer was not fake nor was her reply. You ghetto hoe stop role playing. If we are lying you can take us to court for defamation. Just have the proof that the offer was made up or chopped and screwed like you said and you can win. Easy peasy you dried up good booger.

  16. Stop the shit. I commented only From Gg and my cousin wrote from lania. So plz stop all the other ppl are either haters or ppl that see through your Bullshit.. She hasn’t wrote anything because that’s just what she is doing taking u right to court with the real convo that we have still in her inbox. The fake inquiry concerned mom was made up and so was your fake ass chopped up convo! It’s okay ugly we will see because we kept the convo just to prove u guys are sick ! See u then weirdo! People don’t believe this shit. The same ip now?? Lmaoo yeah for gg and lania but nothing else. Yall will go to the end of earth with the lies to save face! Ugly fat face at that. Lol so sad we have the real convo unedited so STOP YOUR FABRICATIONS. Whoever decided in this scam and edited the convo shouldn’t have! But then wait u wouldn’t have had a story ?. Yall are worse then mediatakeout!!

  17. Killa_cam stop cause ur most likely black fat and ugly! This makes a suckers day because u have no life! Gravity her tits stand up higher then ur mothers and girlfriend i’m sure! So before u go around throwing stones look at why u are on this site even talking? It seems weird that PPl have this much time on their hands. It’s truly sad! But believe what u want peasant!

  18. Where did the rest of the convo go then?? In ur stomach cause we don’t get it? Thank god we kept the real convo!!! Lol

  19. Where is the real convo, then? Post it. That will have no effect on your having saved it.What the hell does being black have to do with anything?? Are you a racist? Because it sounds like it.

  20. Not that we owe u anything but I will include some of it because the rest we need for court . Why didn’t u include the rest huh?? All this hate but we weren’t lying!!! SO U DID CROP THE CONVO??? Why did u cut it ?? why??? You got deaded but we will leave the rest for #court! The truth always comes out u didn’t like the response so u used what you could to make ur claims valid. #pathetic ppl

  21. I tried to post how do u do so?

  22. Why can’t you just post it in the comments section?

  23. Because in the comment box it doesn’t allow you to add a picture but go to the @ name because my sister posted not all but some so you can see it was edited . Since tag a sponsor like to reply so much how can I post this?

  24. Upload your screenshots here: the linke here in the comment box.

  25. Tag a sponsor stop. Yall never posted a video scrolling thru shit because then it would have been seen that it was edited . Stoppppp the lies. I did it on tiny pic. Don’t really trust the shady tag a sponsor ppl.

    The links are

    HTML for websites: <a href="; target="_blank"><img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

    img codes for forum and messages: [IMG][/IMG]

    Url for email and IM:

    Direct links for layouts:

    I included all the links because I never used it so one of them should take it there.Yall cut off 3 lines. the line when he asks about fetishes shit , then my sisters response in which she plays him and deads him and finally his last words begging and My sister never responds after that. Like I said they never included the last line why? Because then they would have had to include the rest and that wasn’t good for the website because this was a target. Sad. You sad u didn’t edit it?? Y u lied ?? #proof nothing more to prove the rest is for court! Ha

  26. @tagasponsor make sure you check those links to prepare yourself for this lawsuit!!! You didn’t edit it right?? Everything is %100 on your part right? Every Supposed bust you guys made. Included all the convo right?? There are some convos on this website that are as long as a list with texts, etc to back it up but why cut the convo to make it look different. I didn’t even include the rest but how do you explain the last line from this samal person being edited out the screenshot you uploaded huh ??? Why would you edit it ? Lmao jokes. The concerned mom act was made up the email the concerened mom emailed from is a failed account on Twitter, Instagram etc. so this " concerned mom" is a blogger or something ? Thought they were an average family? Lol set up. So yall make up this act to support why you targeted my sister then upload a screenshot of the convo edited to fit your claims but you couldn’t add the rest because then your struggling site would have had no ☕️ To make up! . I’m starting to look at all your posts funny you probably edited those too. Defamation defamation ! So you did slander someone’s bane off if edited texts correct? Rest my case God bless and I won’t be writing anymore . There’s more to come @tagasponsor!

  27. Why mister samalmarouf dont tag his sponsorettes , laura campen? If he is a proud sponsor too?

  28. Mister samalmarouf alias larry . How much did you pay for laura campen? Why you didnt tag her here?you are her sponsor.

  29. Mister samalmarouf what about mimisupafly? Tag her, you sponsor her too. Arent you a proud sponsor?

  30. I still trust tagthesponsor he posted a vid with proof

  31. Post a video sponsorettes so that we know it is true what u are writing. I hope that the White Knight Boyfriend reads this haha

  32. This is crazy. A video of an edited text? I don’t care how you slice it or dice it there would be no way I could have been able to add extra texts with his name, words etc. same exact name, convo, day etc and I have proof . I shouldn’t even have to prove it but I did. People love to believe the negative even when proof appears but it’s okay. Tag a sponsor knows what they did! Whether they edited or their source did, it still was done and I have proved that . I would love to see this video because they blocked me on Instagram and I can’t see. If anyone can forward to me plz we need this further proof for court because this also shows how far they went to try to authenticate a edited text ! Tag a sponsor you like to talk trash anytime but not now right?? We have all the real stuff and we will just see u in court so BRING those " videos" lmao we got the texts fresh off of Instagram… Can’t make those up lol. You had no validity on slandering my sister based off of edited texts and we will let a judge decide! Plz someone forward me that video plz!

  33. Samalmarouf is not a man , a real man dont have to pay money to have sex . But he doesnt have anything else to offer .shame on you samalmarouf , go sponsor your hookers and prostitutes .You deserve that low class woman , and you say you belond to royalty? you are so stupid that you think those woman like it with you, poor blonde , I feel so sorry for her.You make me so sick , I wouldnt sleep with you even for one million dollars.You are not worth it.

  34. The man in samalmarouf account is an impostor, he is younger than the real samalmarouf and doesnt have any money , he is associates with low class latinas like him , the real samalmarouf is very rich and dont need to be in this site, please people, the real samalmarouf working for tagthesponsor?

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