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  1. I don’t understand the principle behind exposing these girls. How can you decide wether she is being "sponsored" or not? By red flags? I mean seriously, while some girls might flaunt everything they’ve got and you can obviously tell they are in deed "sponsored" , some really do work hard with as much as 2 to 3 jobs. Obviously as a girl you are not going to put on your bio " server" " work at a fashion store" " clean houses" or what ever it is they do. Why? Because social networks have turned to be a place where people brag and show off a life they appeare to live. By all means, if the owner of this page is making a living out of exposing these girls, good for you make your money. Not everyone has the skills to be an honest hard worker. its pathetic that you are doing so at other people’s costs. Hurting and damaging girls life’s that might be innocent. You have no idea of their story . Wether they have a sugar daddy or not. Who are you to judge ? And if they do sell sex, what is your business in their life ? it’s sad to know that people and organizations like this actually exist. When there is bigger problems out there , hunger to solve and other IMPORTANT issues to be exposed. By the writing on the captions, you can tell the owner is an uneducated young man who found joy in hurting girls who he probably sees and drops his jaw over. It’s clear some of these girls do have sketchy sources of income, how ever if your intentions where to just make the girls expose the source, you’d email them and let them know your point of view. Sick individuals like you, with no jobs, no goals, are why this society is how it is. And the rest of the people that follow this who’s stupidity couldn’t get any worst. Please if you’re readying this, consider what you are doing and why you’re on this page. Hopefully, just hopefully you’ll do the right thing and make a difference.

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