When you have a Bentley but still live with a roommate  

This is a cry for help. Subliminal message here is a bidding war for the pussy. Which sponsor is willing to provide the same. Block us if we are wrong, but I bet you she didn’t buy that with hard work. #YouInspireMeHuh #SheCanTagHerFriendButNotTheSponsor #WhoYouFooling #WhatDoYouEvenDoForALiving #MiamiJobsDontPayUnlessYoureABusinessOwnerOrPartnerOrSelfEmployed #HowAreThoseYourGoalsWhenYouDontWork #PostingItOnInstagramWontGrantYouABently #UnlessYouLookingToGetSponsored #ThisThotWantsABoneThrown #20DollarsSayMohammedCanShitOnHerFor9k #ProDickSquatter #ProNutDrainer #TagTheSponsor

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  1. I make close to $300K/year and I can’t even think about buying a Bentley or even leasing one — both for cash flow and the fact that it’s stupid purchase (depreciating asset). How the fuck does a Miami ho have enough cash to buy or lease one?

    • Pretty sure it’s leased, like most of the folks who show off on social media while remaining strangely silent when asked to demonstrate they know a particular industry like the back of their hand or have some understanding of investments a garden-variety professional doesn’t.

  2. When did roommate and Bentley go in the same sentence

  3. Check out this IG account – @strokkes, then look for the orange lambo pic and read the comments to get a hint on who the sponsor is. lol

  4. Sam,where are you? Are you afraid of me? I wont bite you, well, not in public if you know what I meant. Working? Make me a video but without glasses , I want to see your face and you can say hello. See you.

  5. I like your page.

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