Story of a Do Nothing Bitch

This is how it works ladies and gents: 

Here’s another #DoNothingBitch. Let’s call her the human #DickWarmer. Only serves for two things. Being a cute arm candy at a corporate event & draining your balls dry. Let’s just hope she doesn’t grab a fork and knife while you’re with her in public. As these type come from the hills of Russia, never were taught any kind of Etiquette other than how to score a rich Don. They play the very naive role while around you. Subliminally complain about items they own or bills that are coming up in the hopes of getting a bone thrown. Once she has you on the hook she’ll talk to you in baby voices, pretending to be constantly sad she can’t be around you because of “work”. Which we all know doesn’t exist, looking for the 3 words every trollops wants to hear. No, not I love you. “Quit your job”. She will squirm with excitement and text her fellow co-hoes on a whatsapp group named “?????????” she’ll get enough change after a year or two to leave her #LarryTheCEO & move on to next level shit (no pun intended). Now she’ll hire that thirsty photographer in her comment section for a shoot. Poor scrub will drive 2 hours to shoot for free just to get a wiff of her scent as she switches her stripper like wanna be vogue pose. *work it bitch*. Bam. She is now a model. Let’s place the booking in bio ?* By now, she’s at popular venues, flaunting designer shoes and bags, which are signs that she’s expensive & in order to enter her axe wound, it comes with a hefty price. Word will get around with the big ballers that there’s new meat in the cyber space. Guess who’s calling Dibs? #MohammedTheSheik. She’ll have her first class trip to Dubai. Posting selfies at the emirates lounge hashtagging #MyDubai. Nothing will make sense how this peasant from some bubble fuck hill in Russia is now traveling on 20k flights. But how you’ll ask? A whiteknight might say “meh meh SHes a model guyzz” but we all know how broke whiteknights are and how distorted their sense of reality & expenses are. Long story short, she’ll become a human diaper. Gets a gig as a bottle girl in Dubai for a month or two. You’ll find her at Ibiza, Mykonos, And London. (Not the U.S. Because her visa won’t be granted)

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  1. Hahahaha awesome story "cradle to grave of a THOT" hahahaha

  2. Shocker lol This girl is a well known hooker in London. Check any escort website she is on it

  3. i know a woman tho who got sponsored by some rich dude and shes set up charities and is really a nice woman. smart. fucing sexxy but dont think i could ever make a chance haha

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