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  1. Wow & lol….I’ve seen her pics on IG & figured she was a escort. How does she not have a bank account tho ???? she pra’li has a "Rush Card" smh

  2. Lol you don’t have a bank account but you have a debit card? Oh aight.

  3. Hoodrats with no bank account. Smh.

  4. All great therfore she is not Polish…

  5. https://instagram.com/polish.barbiie/ is it her? her new account i guess

  6. Lol, a year ago (maybe more?) I remember reading some shit about her supposedly fucking around with Russell Wilson. If he isn’t (reportedly) sleeping with Ciara or anyone, why the fuck would he sleep with this deformed hobbit hamplanet? Lmao this bitch is gross looking.

  7. No bank account means she is a scammer and probably cashed fraudulent checks. Also she probably has a prepaid debit card. Like a rush card. Lol these chicks kill me. No bank account and no credit.

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