Wait something isn’t adding up here. My Thottie senses are tingling. Something tells me this Russian #Trollop is slinging the pussy like Jay Z slang crack in the 80s. Stay tuned for our next post….. #TagTheSponsor


Ha! That didn’t take long to figure out. Here we have our main man @danielmirkin4 running the show. Tagging @misslaskateleva in all of the lavish trips he sponsors. But when we go to her profile, he’s no where to be seen? I bet if you asked her what she did for a living or how she funds her lifestyle she’ll give you a very vague answer and elaborate how she models and flies around for shoots. But here we have this poor guy which clearly is head over heels for this cumbucket. Even hash tagging #ILoveYou and this ungrateful hummus draining creature doesn’t give our poor guy the shine he deserves. Now, we are all about golddiggers, and we support those who swindle their man and flaunt the gifts they get.. As long as she tags him. But this 7ft tall pavement princess won’t even tag the shadow he comes out in. Let’s ask her why she doesn’t tag her Sponsor? Is she ashamed? why would she be? #TagTheSponsor



To our fellow sponsors, those who follow us. Here’s some free information. Looking for your next #DickSquatter to bring along your future business trips? Look no further. Just go to @danielmirkin4’s pictures and look at the comments. You’ll find an array of #Trollops all that “model” all with a booking Info in their bio. All looking to get a bone thrown. If you added all the #ProBallDeflators in his comments, there’s a pussy net worth of about 5-6 million dollars. This man has the ultimate bragging rights. Imagine him at his reception after the wedding, giving a speech “Hey Johnny remember the good old days when we had  a pussy net worth of 14 million dollars thirsting for us?”. You can’t make this shit up. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Can someone tell me how this Daniel Mirkin made his bank? I tried googling him but couldn’t find a wiki page or similar. I need to know to what I should aspire! What income level supports this level of game, and how do we get there?

    • Pretty sure this guy made his money long time ago (pre-2000), hence, there is little trace of him on a few google search terms. As far as what it would take to fund his lifestyle year-on-year, it would be impossible to quantify from his instagram photos.

      But, assuming he’s laying down 10K-30K + expenses for trollops, I’d estimate that he’s probably spending 10%-15% of his income at that rate.

      300K/pa, favorable tax breaks to your income and the right network (people, places, events where trollops fish) and you can be Dan Mirkin too.

      Good luck Frank.

  2. Thanks boss. I don’t know anyone making USD$300K/yr (pre-tax anyway) who would be comfortable dumping $20k-$30k month on trollops, so it must be way way higher. Question is, how did he get it?

  3. I get that English isn’t either of their first languages, but holy fucking Christ on a pony, doesn’t everyone’s phone spell check these days?? "#exelent"? "#dinning"??? Why even bother with the goddamn hashtags…go from trollop to a dumbass, real quick…real quick, real fucking quick.

  4. Am i the only one that noticed her bulge wtf

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