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It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start off the week with a veteran #DickSquatter. Ironically, I, one of the Admins has sponsored. All it took was some bubbly, a suite at the palazzo, and $652.90 (including the paypal fees). We were at the club for a buddies birthday. Rented out two VIP sections. 1 of the girls knew a friend of my guys birthday & brought a few rats to our table (we were thirsty for hoes that night to keep it real) didn’t mind feeding the needy. Not like we were going to find any better in Vegas, no offense. Funny thing I’m on my phone the whole time updating #TagTheSponsor website & this blonde sits next to me & shouts “loosen up you’re in Vegas. Get off your phone.” Truth was, as mentioned earlier. We were thirsty, I would’ve humped a lamp with titties. She’s yapping how she’s recently single, complaining about Vegas & how she wants to get into acting, blahblahblah. Naive me, thought wow she’s into me for free. Only took 4 glasses of champagne. The group I was with wanted to move to another spot that hosted an after party. It’s 4am & I just wanted to beat up her guts. Asked her if she wanted to come back with me & she agreed. We walk into my hotel & the concierge guy says hi to her. Hmm odd. Idc at this point. Just wanted to catch a nut. We get to the suite. Open another bottle & start drinking. Lighting was a lot better & realized her face was like spray painted asphalt. But I’m a savage so that wasn’t stopping me. Long story short, we makeout for 10-15 minutes, role play naked. My dick was going to explode. This girl knew what she was doing. I had no condom but fuck it. Penicillin is cheap & I have insurance. At last minute she stops & says “can’t do this”. I’m like wtf why?What’s wrong? Want more champagne? She’s like “no I just have a shoot in 2 hours & have to leave now. If I don’t make it I’m out of 700 dollars”. Now I get it. Knew what was up. This hoe teased me to the point, she was aware that I’m now thinking with my dick. I offered her to pay to cancel. But that I didn’t have cash. I’ll take it out some in the morning. Guess she didn’t believe me & said she had paypal. And yep. I was cornered to sponsor. Btw the Pussy was trash.


Gotta take these hoes swimming on first dates and fake drown them a little. (Smh) #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Omg this is gold! That’s how that THOT Makes her money… Tricks you into thinking you are pulling then lays down a price when you are ready to pop… Not a bad method though, works apparently.

  2. Good lord that skin is horrible for a person that spends a fortune on T&A augmentation!

  3. Lmao it’s chewy from TheDirty.comThis is gold!!!

  4. No wonder she wears so much makeup. Everyone in Vegas knows she’s a hooker skank.

  5. OMG omg! She was just on Arsenic TV’s snapchat. The holy grail of Instawhores. So get this, I’ve always wondered, especially after seeing her car and HOUSE today, wtf on earth these skanks do for money. So she was the final straw that led me to this page. So fucking hilarious. When I saw her name I almost spit my tea out.

  6. Men complain about women who get plastic surgery, but are repulsed by even the above-average woman’s face without makeup on!

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