Interesting day with Melissa Paige. One of our admins posted the usual TakeAVoteTuesdays game. Which is when we have our fans decide if we should let in a follower. Based on the persons posts, who they follow, and who they are associated with we accept or deny. No judgement is ever made while the vote is happening. After a few minutes of the post being up. We get a whiteknight who snitched. 

So Our #TakeAVoteTuesday suspect went private right after this comment. The rat told. Maimon, we never labeled your sweetheart as anything. Hence why we said it was a hard one.. @t_maimon if you tell us what she does to support her lifestyle and how she’s a hard worker. We will remove all posts, swallow our words and apologize. We will wait.

As we waited for his response we received an irate message. Of course with the lawyer threats. Never gets old.  

As we waited for his answer, the tag team went to see who was the whiteknight. And a fan told us he had a fake watch.   You are now our son. You been summoned fuckboy. Not only will #TheTagTeam grant you a beautiful silk cape, but will also receive the fraud award. Congrats. You’re the first male to receive such award. We only give them to fraud bitches, but for you an exception. My son got the folex on deck, which now tells me he’s a fraud and all that flashy shit on his account isn’t his. All the thirsty bitches get wet when they see anything shiny. Hence his comments. Might be good at networking and kissing ass. You will now refer to anyone in #TheTagTeam as Masa. Yes masa, please masa. You will shmoney dance for me at my request. Should’ve never put yourself in the spotlight you turkey ham. Someone gift my son Rosetta Stone. 

We finally got an answer from him. We knew he can’t explain how she’s a hard worker. A little too late to backpedal. If you don’t know too much should’ve shut your mouth you dingleberry. we made him and his #wcw go private. New slogan. “Making fuckboys and their #Wcw go private”. We also noticed how he’s commenting all over her pictures like a dehydrated puppy. 

Someone who knew who this guy was contacted us and sent us a message about his business.  

To finalize the story. The messages continued with our admins. Also various threats about exposing us. Welp.  

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  1. My god. This is worse than watching Meek Mill at the receiving end of Back to Back. Extra points for using "dingleberry".

  2. Rofl oh God these hoes are so stupid. What makes this so unbearable is all of them think they are educated and say the most asinine shit that doesn’t make sense. They are the most delusional people on the planet next to the white knights who support them.

    Btw tagthesponser I have been trying to follow you but I am getting no response.. IG: Kaizer…. (Not trying to have my IG everywhere but that’s how it begins) Let cha boy peep!

  3. No wonder that dude can’t compete with Elon Musk — he’s too busy spending his money on folexes and time on instragram "models" to actually run a fucking business properly!

  4. This is an ex pornstar. I can’t remember her name. She was also an escort for a while when porn work dried up. I’ll comment again when I remember.

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