50 roses for one sponsored girl. ** ?. Is #TheTagTeam ready for this one? We have a really interesting story. First of all. Before you give your two cents, after reading this analyze her profile. Then talk. Here it goes. This trollop here Emily Rose Jones (the generic ass names aren’t a coincidence btw), sells pussy but has found a clever way to hide it all. She travels often and receives lavish gifts and you wonder #HowSway? But then you might say “she has a bf who she tags!” You are wrong. This is why we are experts on this. This #DoNothingBitch here uses her gay best friend as a cover up. Saying that he’s her bf and he’s the one spoiling her. When in fact the gay kid looks like he can’t even afford an iPhone 2. But wait, there’s more! Haha Na.  That’s basically it. She sells pussy and has fake bf to create a facade. Oh and look at the guy she claims to be her bf, his face screams ‘shove me a thousand cocks’. Stay #Blessed. #TagTheSponsor


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  1. Is it a surprise a lot of these girls look like Kim Kardashian hybrids? And if they are posting 50 roses as a personal gift (especially multiple separate occassions) when the roses aren’t part of an event, a showroom, or a building lobby etc.–yeah it’s a dead give away

  2. @xbeccalew booking in bio…

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