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Something that’s been hard to understand despite our expertise. Is the Scandinavian sponsorettes. Why is it hard to comprehend how they get to selling pussy? Well as an advid traveler to Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland)-ones I’ve been to. The people there avoid being too flashy and are raised with the agenda that everyone is equal, disregarding social class.  Now, there’s this thing called the Law of Jante (look it up), which basically says you are not to try and outshine anyone. People out there take this very serious, from my experience. So every time I see a scandanavian whore submitted, some how it’s hard to comprehend. Specially the Swedish and Norwegian Trollops. They’ll soon reach the Eastern European Trollop number.  So to better understand this phenomenon that has just started to happen a few years ago, can anyone explain how the scandanavian women have been outsourcing dick for cash? And the reason behind it? Most come from stable homes and upper middle class income. 

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  1. Not to outshine anyone is destined to boredom, poverty and a very simple, modest humble life.Yes people make a lot of $$ (3-4k a month) but with 75% taxes there’s not a lot left. Add sky high living costs, and you’ll realize there standard of living is very low.Alcohol is a luxury, that’s why people at a party usually don’t drink more than 2 beers because it’s so expensive (high taxes).This doesn’t mean a lot people don’t WANT to live a nice, comfort life with material comfort and luxury… It’s just very hard. You need to make a LOT for there to be Anthony left after the 75% taxes… People are also often shamed by society for wanting to make it…Anyway, what easier way to make a lot of $$$, travel, party and receive nice stuff than dick squatting?

  2. The reason is global influence through social media and pervasive celebrity culture encroaching on "traditional values".

    If you go to Stockholm, there are plenty of women who buy into this lifestyle, hell, there’s even a "JetSet lifestyle" blog run by a Swede female (unconfirmed trollop as true identity cannot be confirmed) – http://jetsetbabe.com/ – which glamourises the trollop/sponsorette lifestyle.

  3. @Htown, we don’t have 75% taxes, that’s ridiculous. Yes alcohol is somewhat more expensive than in other European countries or in the US but it is still totally affordable even for students etc. I’d say it’s because in a society where basically everything is possible (free education, safe environment etc) people just get lazy and bored. There’s more and more women who don’t want to study and work for their money because they can get the same stuff more easily.

  4. It symbolizes a breaking free from decades of cultural constraint that requires equality. There’s a feeling of oppression when one grows up culturally forced to obey the equality norm. Some break free through legit means, others through the greed of sugar whoredom.

  5. You do great work, TTS!

    I went to the posh university in Stockholm and I’d say around 40% of the good looking girls were sponsored. As you’ve noticed, these were all girls from wealthyish families.The poorer girls seem to have a shred of decency.

    There are 2 factors behind this;a) Swedish women are told from a young age that sex is meaningless and love isn’t real #GoFeminism…

    b) Colossal divorce rate. I lived in Saltsjöbaden, a white picket fence suburb – mostly middle aged people and kids.Yet on Monday mornings I’d often see high-end girls I recognised from nightclubs doing the walk of shame. Lots of rich divorcee executives = sponsors aplenty.

    c) Jante law is dying. The tentacles of globalism have had Sweden in its grip since the mid 90s. Swedish millenials are the most materialist in Europe. In the absence of family, religion and finally socialism – all they have left is materialism.

  6. Also, one to investigate is @vickyeriksson.She is transsexual who is often seen around Arab businessmen in the VIP clubs in Stureplan and uses the hashtag #vacayplease

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