“Here we have “mireya official”, her real name is “Miranda Said”, she’s from a small city in Sweden. She has two younger sisters and two brothers, they all live together, but she’s the only one that travels the world and living the luxury life. The family has a tacky pizza restaurant that is close to going to bankrupt. Miranda lives in London but have traveled the world since many years. She started in Milano, then it continues… Miami, Maldives, Dubai, Ibiza, she’s been all over the world, but no one knows who she travels with or what she does for a living. Her siblings says that she’s studying to be an “entrepreneur”, but they can’t even tell the name of the school. Designer bags, gifts, Cartier bracelets, fancy dinners, first class emirates and yachts… She’s also been seen on a yacht with the old soccer player Ronaldinho and some other men.”  – great example of how a submission should be. Thank you. Yea she’s def selling pussy. #TagTheSponsor 

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  1. @darinatequila she’s definitely selling pussy…Ukraine to Miami now…

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