“Ok bonus question from @glamoursbarbie #4 how do I make money? I ran out of time to answer this question the 15 seconds wasn’t enough. Every millionaire has an average of 7 businesses right now I have 5 and working on a few more ventures. I make great money with modeling and acting and the appearances are icing on the cake but the Key is to take your money a reinvest it into other businesses and investments. I just don’t talk about those things because well it’s boring. Lol but Never underestimate a pretty face with a slick ass mouth lol.” -@masikakalysha shut the fuck up please. You are lying. That booking in your bio screams book me I sell pussy. The only business you own is that axe wound. Call it the sugar wall factory Cus that’s what’s paying your bills. Only your ratchet ass turn 2 dollars to 500 dollars dumb ass followers are believing that rats ass rant. Why can’t you mention your businesses? Don’t you want new customers? Don’t you want your businesses to grow? Foh. Just slap a price tag on the pussy and call it a day. I’d respect that a lot more than your multiple business owner facade. Oh and modeling doesn’t make you any money unless you look like fucking cara delevingne. You look like burnt cricket. Liar. Shut up.  #TagTheSponsor

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