Never understood why these self-entitled bitches think they should receive free expensive things? Let’s be logical for a second. Do you know how mentally ill you have to be in order to believe that you’re entitled to get handouts for no fucking apparent reason? “Hey I have tits. Give me free shit”. But then when you degrade them and call them something misogynistic, they all of a sudden pull the independent pseudo feminist card. Foh hoe. And ladies, this isn’t your fault. I mainly blame the spineless, no backbone, dehydrated simps who still don’t comprehend that unless you have red bottoms or 1.5k and up to offer to these pretentious bitches, you will not get any ass. This creates the illusion that every guy will give in to their looks. Unless you’re catching 6 nuts in a weekend, there’s no need to put these women on a pedestal. Next time you’re buying a gift or planning to thirst, think for a second what are YOU getting out of it. Simple. #TagTheSponsor

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