Today is one of those rare days that all of the admins mutually agreed to consider taking a post down. Now the only thing we are skeptical about is the friend who sent this message. Something’ about her isn’t adding up. We will let #TheTagTeam give their two cents on this situation.  

Below is the email of the suspected trollop that was posted. Seemed a little angry. This was before the friend from above sent us an email.  

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  1. Fucking idiots! Posting bullshit about girls without proof is really idiotic! Hope one day your daughters will be named online as a hoe! Mireya.official is another example where u were wrong!

    • We asked for evidence and never heard back from them. We took down the post of the girl she’s referring to; now we’re just looking at the friend who sent us the email. Take a look at her profile.

      • Im confused on why this site exists, and what a girl does with her own body matters to you? I literally came upon this site and feel like i just came upon judgmental bastards. Who gives a shit what they do and where they go to do it. How does that at all effect you?

        I feel like we are back in time where women are not free to do what they wish. like seriously. Not your problem, not at all your buisness. bye bye now.

  2. Stfu no one is making you come to this site ???

  3. As a fan and follower of this site, I will only add that to keep the credibility of this site, it is VERY important you do your research properly before posting, because you could actually be destroying peoples lives/reputations if your posts are untrue.I have seen a couple of posts on here of people I actually know from the UK that come from rich homes but have been depicted to be trollops. There are girls that come from rich homes and look for rich men to keep the money in the family or maintain a standard of living they are used to. There are also girls that come from nothing and will do anything and sell themselves to live a false lifestyle. The latter should be the type named on this website. Anyway, I do not know this girl, so I am not coming to her aid, and to be honest for the most part, I think at least 90% of the girls here are indeed trollops, so I’m not trying to tell you guys how to run your site. But from an ethical standpoint, I think with things like this, there shouldn’t be any room for mistakes. Just my views.

    • We asked for evidence and never heard back from them. We took down the post of the girl she’s referring to; now we’re just looking at the friend who sent us the email. Take a look at her profile.

  4. Could be a girl sponsored the old way by her boyfriend. If she is a trollop, then she hides it masterfully enough. Sometimes the borders between sponsoring and relationships are blurring – one of the reasons why sugardaddy.com will remain legal even when you ban all prostitution. Being the mistress to a rich man is the old fashioned way of making money – also more or less respected even in very traditional times.

    Unless you guys have proof otherwise that she is slinging it, then I would take it down. Plenty of 100% bona-fide trollops out there.

  5. Lol. I wonder what it will even matter in the future if a woman decided to charge suitors, since so many are exposed and so many seem to do it? I think beauty will be even more valuable then, since the most beautiful will have to do less sexually and get more materially, and have more luxury to choose the men. Imo it just sucks to be a stupid or ugly Trollop since youd have to do a lot of old nasty, less classy men for less money. If youre hot tho and at least a bit interesting and smart you can have a couple of rich suitors and choose, you get so much more, you get treated better..You can say ‘no’ more, you can even get gifts for free etc from worshippers with low self esteem..Sigh…This hoeing business is just so diverse. The complexity of it makes it too hard to pass judgements since one escorts/sugar baby or w/e’s life is not the same as the other. It’s a whole spectrum. Some live Miserably. Others live Utter luxuriously. Anyone’s thoughts plz?

  6. What Truth said basically, there is no room for error if you’re gonna slander people.

    • We asked for evidence and never heard back from them. We took down the post of the girl she’s referring to; now we’re just looking at the friend who sent us the email. Take a look at her profile.

  7. I dunno lol. Who cares.

  8. Mr/Ms Tagthesponsor , you are liar!! You never asked me for any evidence. Ans it’s not you who removed the picture – Instagram did as we made sure of it. You are sad person. I feel just sorry for you to be honest .. I think something happen in your life related with gold digger and you waisting your presshious time on this webside.. Read a book, learn new language, meditate, do charity , find your self ! Life is to short for hate and bull shit. That’s just my opinion, as you free to express yours.. Good luck in the future if you will keep this way as Karma will catch up with you in one or another way. And how stupid and nasty this ppl who added me and started comment on my pictures , how ugly I am and I need plastic surgery etc.( especially pic.with my grandma! ) Imagine if I would feel insecure in my skin.. That could really damage humans mind.. As still wasn’t pleasant.. I just can’t comprehend how people can behave this way! I know who I am, work hard for everything I have. And most of the Dubai knows who I am ! So good luck in trying to dirt my name. I don’t give a dam shit!

    • Want us to post the screenshot where we ask you to send in the evidence? Instagram did not remove it. Everyone knows we have someone at Instagram. Keep talking and we’ll make sure to put the story on the back on Instagram and the website, good luck trying to take it down. If you apparently didn’t get our message to send in the evidence, we are telling you now to send evidence. The issue isn’t with the soccer playing dad girl who’s sketchy as hell, but with you. The friend to came at her rescue. If you’re so known in Dubai why did some of the locals tell us you’re tricking? We’ll wait for the evidence.

  9. 1.Yea ok, when you posted my private email to you on a webside, I have blocked you. Now unblocked and seen that you send me msg asking what I am doing in Dubai 3 days ago. 2. My friend was talking with Instagram management and they confirm to her that picture will be taken down. If you did it first- Thank you for doing right thing. 3. I was willing to provide you my job offer letters and how much I earn, along with posts on Facebook which clearly shows that I am not a trollop. Something on those lines for my friend and any other questions you would of have.. But as you decided to share my private email to you I no longer trust you with my personal life information. As before I was hoping to clear the mistake as adults. 4.If anyone truly wrote saying anything wrong about me, they don’t know me and just picking on me because I am blond who lives in Dubai.5.As I mentioned already I am in Food & Beverage industry for 10 years. Currently I am working as one of the mangers at the new venue in 5* Hotel. 6. Why are you trying to pick on me as one of the Trollops? Coz I was defending my best friend by telling the truth? Is any of my pictures even remotely indicated that I live this kind of life ? Since 2 years I posted 80pic , like are you serious ?! If you running this kind of webside you need to know the behavior and patterns of this kind of girls. Do you really think if I be one of them I would of emailed you trough my Instagram ? Even is shame that this girls put a mark in to society and paint every pretty girl with same colors, I personally mind my own Bussness and don’t care what people do as long it doesn’t effect me. I am to busy and have other things to worry about then to be a part of this conversations. I hope that you come to your senses and stop putting dirt on people who has nothing to do with this webside. Goodbye & have a nice day !

  10. Damn ugne went hard in the paint on tagthesponsor…prob all bullshit though..love this site

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