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  1. Lol. I wonder what it will even matter in the future if a woman decided to charge suitors, since so many are exposed and so many seem to do it? I think beauty will be even more valuable then, since the most beautiful will have to do less sexually and get more materially, and have more luxury to choose the men. Imo it just sucks to be a stupid or ugly Trollop since youd have to do a lot of old nasty, less classy men for less money. If youre hot tho and at least a bit interesting and smart you can have a couple of rich suitors and choose, you get so much more, you get treated better..You can say ‘no’ more, you can even get gifts for free etc from worshippers with low self esteem..Sigh…This hoeing business is just so diverse. The complexity of it makes it too hard to pass judgements since one escorts/sugar baby or w/e’s life is not the same as the other. It’s a whole spectrum. Some live Miserably. Others live Utter luxuriously. Anyone’s thoughts plz?

  2. For a supposed recording artist, she’s a rubbish singer.

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