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When your homie gets sponsored by a sponsorette using a sponsors money. Mind fucking right? Our follower @Kimmi_jean_ bought an ocean front room in Laguna Beach and invited him over. It came with a bottle of champagne…. @beat_average doesn’t drink Champagne but didn’t want it to go to waste. The whole time our other buddy @DanBilzerian was texting her, which she was with a few days before. I’m sure everything was on bilzerians expense. The tables are turning.  Our buddy Steve had no problem tagging her. Ladies please do the same. #TagTheSponsor  




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  1. Does anyone have some thoughts about how this hoeing thing is going to develop in the future? I’m very curious. Right now it’s so heavily judged but I’m sure it’s not going to stay that way…What I am sure of is that more and more girls will do it. And thus prices will drop. Been to London and it’s a madhouse there; everybody seems to be hoeing! ! So much competition for the girls there..I think this will make women work harder on their degrees etc in the future. Since hoeing won’t be so easy as it has been till now/have such a great payoff then. The ones who work hardest and are intelligent will get rich guys. Dating a rich man will require much, much more in the future. Your thoughts?

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