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  1. That’s a fake profile idiots.. the real girls name is Kim and she is definitely not for sale

    • can’tfindanywhores, #thisisallformoney #buyourshittyclothes, #targettinginnocentgirls, #haterbcosyoucantpullthesegirls

      • Sure the creator of this site hopes to make money off of it. BUT I do believe there are good effects of exposing these girls. First of all these girls will tone down their materialistic rat race, since it’s becoming more and more known how they get these pieces to flaunt with in the first place (sex) and that’s not necessarily an admirable thing to do. I do believe this will result in less suffering of people since the women will cease to amp their ego’s through having sex with someone they don’t really want to have sex with, for materials to flaunt with. The more people wake up to it the less admirable it will be when a girl has luxury items or goes on luxury trips. Isn’t it hurting people to see someone flaunting so much in their faces and doing such little work? Most men have to work hard ALL their lives to get to luxury items and trips nd thats usually after 40 and even then they still have to keep grinding. I believe exposing this will also push women to make more of themselves and hit the books/ work hard For real instead of pretending to.

    • It’s a real profile you simp

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