i8 daily rental: $2,200-$3,000 a day. Jet charter hawker 800 anywhere from 7k-15k, you do the math and this chicken shows no form of employment and from pictures she we can tell she’s not old money and certainly not new money. Wouldn’t you tag the person who gifted you this for your birthday? “OMG THANK YOU LARRY THE CEO FOR AN AMAZING BDAY GIFT. BEST THING EVER.” You know the sponsor got anal that night. #SoWhoDoYouThinkYoureFooling #PussyGotMoreMilesThanTheRotorOfAWindMill #WhoPaidThatInvoice #HowSway #NoJobButLivingLargeHuh #MustBeNice #BirdTaggedEveryOneShesSeeingThatNight #ButDidntTagTheDonWhoPaidForItAll #UngratefulSponsorette #TagTheSponsor

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