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  1. Oh dear! Caught out you cheap little runt.

  2. She didn’t really agree to anything…

  3. omg ‘Be Nice’ are you kidding..Imo theres nothing wrong with escorts in the upper elechons that are worth paying lots of money for and that are in a luxury position and smart enough to get good clients. Seriously. But if you’re gonna hoe and you’re practically begging for a date like this you’re just dumb and setting yourself up to be in a continual disposition.

  4. Be Smart- Just pointing out that she never agreed to any kind of sexual favor for $, at least in what is posted here.

  5. Did TTS get rid of that mexican girls post? Was one of the best, any idea why, since he never deleted posts?

  6. anybody else notice that the conversation took like 3 weeks to complete

  7. This was a set up! Firstly it was genuine conversation. Then it got weird and dirty so decided to play along….. The idea was to send him on a wild goose chase when we met for a date… Send him to one location, then another, then another and make him drive around for a few hours! Who does he think he is thinking he can just message us girls and want to shit on us!!Think I’d let some dirty Arab shit on me you must be mad! He never messaged so we never got our fun to take the piss. Anyway, point is, it was a joke, now turned around to look like a brass when in fact I work for a very good company in finance! Sad, sad people

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