Penthouse #TagHim ? Lets break it down yall. A different hotel weekly, drives 90k Mercedes, always has her pictures taken alone, on a flight every two weeks, no known source of income, typical do nothing bitch bragging captions. Analyzing all the tacky shit she wears, she’s either sponsored by some gaudy low end club owner, a top honcho crack dealer, or Daquan, the fly stay fresh scammer. Larrys or Mohammed’s wouldn’t be caught dead in public with this Trollop. With her A cup titty job. Trollop  told the doctor to implant two tictacs in that bitch. The more pretentious quotes a do nothing bitch has the more she sell pussy. I’m convinced the pussy must be connected to the brain somehow. The more these Instagram models get sponsored the dumber they get. It’s like the sponsors are murdering brain cells with every thrust. #FlauntingAllThisShit #ItAintYoursThough #ShowUsThatW2 #IRSRubbingTheirHandsLikeBirdman #TagTheSponsor

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  1. You mean..The dumber these broads are the more they get sponsored/sell pu$$y. Dumb hoes can’t peg a rich savvy guy down. Have to fuck a lot and a whole variety of men. The smart ones take one, get him attached to her and have to fuck less, but get more out of him. And there comes the pretentious copycat quotes, dumb ppl always repeat ‘wise’ shit without really knowing what it means.

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