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When Mohammed slides in them DMs offering a free trip. @tee_morrison 

#PussyNickNamedTheCrocodileHunter Scratch That pussy is named the hummus hunter. Cranky. Mohammed and the squad popping laxatives like Molly. Pop a Molly I’m squatting wooh. What do you do for a living? All of a sudden spontaneous trip to Dubai huh? Traveling the world out of no where? No job? What a coincidence with another Trollop. Bringing the co hoe friend to get that extra commission check. Trollop in the back has that nervous smile. Confused as to what the other co hoe got her into. Human diapers get shipped first class to Dubai. Call it luxurious fedex. The whole royal squad Finna bang some kangaroo ass. Momo and the team got the camels drinking fit tea. Bowel movements will give the same effect like the Niagara fall. If only their parents knew their child is equivalent to an expensive sewer pipe. Shiny and pretty on the outside and full of shit on the inside. Let’s wait for the redbottoms and yacht pics. Wait for that boarding pass first class ticket selfie. Along with the pseudo intellectual motivation quote “today we embark on a journey like Moses and the sun will rise because the Clouds are white”. What bitch? You just getting shat on. Money hungry hoes are delusional when offered large amounts of cash. I bet they play drakes song “headlines” while on the plane and think they’re on top of the world. But in reality only have  4k followers, a pussy that smell like hotdog water and 982.20 in their checkings account to offer. #AbdulAndAhmedRubbingTheirHandsLikeBirdman #SorryFamilyWereOffToGetShitOn #IfYoureReadingThisIveBeenSponsored #HummusMissions #WhenYouCommitToTheTrollopLife #HoeForTheGusto #NoLookingBack #MoMoAwaits #BashirLooseningHisBowels #WordHasHitThePalace #HummusRainDanceHasEnsued #TzatzikiDippingSessions #GangbangedWhiteTheLionsLookOn #SimbaGotNext #TrollopsFromTheLandOfUnder #SponsoredBySabra

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  1. Her mom has passed away :/ give her a break

  2. I’m sorry but this is the best post yet, from the caption to the description????…sorry, fam I know its short notice but I’m going on a world tour…because normal people do that out of nowhere…the hastags had me crying. Playing Drake on the plane, I almost spit out my drink. And not to be harsh, but for the first commenter, I’m sorry if she lost her mom, but these chicks always have some excuse ready and I don’t buy them anymore. Unless her mom’s dying wish was for her to go out and hoe…#whenyourmomjustdiedbuthoeislife

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