I need you guys to find me a model, that 1. Isn’t an A or B celebrity, 2. That doesn’t sell pussy, and that’s making a over 25k a month. Find them, we will wait. That’s the minimum income we calculated in order to live the consistent lifestyle these “models” flaunt on Instagram. If you’re constantly on private jets, chartering yachts, and traveling the world in your early 20’s while claiming to be a model; you are squatting on dicks. You are the Tom Brady of Trollops, you are deflating balls for a living. Which is cool, by all means empty all the nutsacks you want. But please, don’t claim to your delusional followers That the FHM magazine shoot you did covered the costs for the jet and ace champagne. We all know you paid a thirsty photographer 200 dollars to snap some pictures and bribed the FHM editor to give you that half a page spread to seem legit. Simple. Cut the humble bragging captions about how “fit tea changed your life and can change ours too”. You don’t have to bluntly say you’re selling pussy, but if you just #TagTheSponsor people will know the truth and 14 year old wanna be models won’t look up to you. You will no longer be a fraud. It’s 2015 and by 2016 everyone will put two and two together and know your gums are being scrubbed by a CEOs dick. Our advice is, slowly start tagging the Dons, and simmer down on the pseudo inspirational quotes. Everyone knows you’re not as deep as your axe wound. Brace yourselves #Trollops being viewed as an Instagram model will no longer be perceived as glamour or lavishness. Chin up, and own up to it. Remember the issue is with the lying and being a fraud. Not with the sex itself. #TagTheSponsor

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  1. Very insightful point about the "14 year old wanna be models won’t look up to you." With the advent of Mobile Social Media, their efforts are only legitimizing prostitution of the "girl friend experience" for the NEXT GENERATION. Creating an intergenerational curse. What a grievous reality.

  2. I blame the reality "star" trend and social media, where anyone can gain admiration and some sort of fame by posting pictures on IG and other sites. I would imagine that each sexual encounter for $ and gifts would kill a little bit of the soul for both parties, male and female.

  3. agree with both previous comments, the biggest issue is what kind of image they send to younger girls (and how this will influence their behavior in life afterwards).

    Would you rather : spend 4 years of study in college, get in debt, and start at 60-70k a YEARor Spead your legs For larry and Amed for 15k a WEEK END (and pretend you are "self made")

    Prostitution cannot become a "normal" activity, this above choice cannot become something a young girl think of. Prostituion (not the forced one) should be views as disgusting, and shamed by society, and bitch choosing that should be held in disrespected and never considererd normal again.

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