Model? But no modeling picture. Singer? But no soundcloud. Designer? Where’s your website. How do you fund expenses living in Dubai? Shit isn’t cheap (no pun intended). #TypicalDoNothingBitch #SquattingOnDicks #DrainingBalls #ButClaimingBullshitCareers #SponsoredBySabra #HummusCartelMember #SponsoredByMomo #MohammedThesheik #SponsoredByAhmed #MohammedsCamelKeeper #PussyGotMoreMilesThanAnAirbusFleet #TagTheSponsor 


submitter: “I went to school with this girl, she never passed any exams or had any jobs to earn money other than a bar job which she slept with anyone with a bit of a name/money to enter the establishment. I know for a fact she was an escort through mutual friends, although she’d a boyfriend there for a while. “Model” yet never any shoots that she’s been paid for, can’t really sing but “has a song being released in China” and her “own designed” bikinis which are pictures stolen from eBay. Always in the gym (yet still photoshops her photos, the doors always push in?) and promoting juice diets while in designer clothes yet no job… Makes no sense. She has Instagram but I’ve been blocked for calling her out now ? I would feel bad minus the fact she’s lying this years. She was called out by her own best friend on Facebook too and so many people actually believe she’s not, if possible I’d love if she was exposed just so she would stop lying. I don’t care if you sell it, just don’t lie ??

PS. Different hotel every week, and posting videos on boats and she’s the only girl ? her Facebook is public by the way – Kamila Kostka”

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  1. It’s private now!!! ???

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