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“Hello TagTheSponsor got a nice submission for you this week. This Trollop was going to be sponsor by my brother Abdullah. But he has a business trip so he introduced me. This girl is ok looking and used to be a model that moved to Dubai. She also offered her friend @malissadutch for threesome. Enjoy” 


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  1. Merel is 40 y.o used whore and very well known in Dubai so it’s not surprise ….

  2. Her Instagram name is now mynameismerel✌

  3. She lives in Dubai, so I am guessing she has a regular clientele there and hoe’s pretty openly.

  4. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but…I actually feel a little bad that this chick was exposed ( and I never feel sorry for any undercover how’s exposed here). She doesn’t come off with that "I’m the shit" attitude that a lot of P4P girls do, and she plainly says that she won’t do certain things she’s not comfortable with, not for any amount of money, so she may not be totally soulless. As long as I don’t see a lot of total lies on her IG (like she bought a Ferrari with "modeling" money), I may be willing to give her pass. Its clear she’s a hooker, but she seems realistic and honest with it.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with these messages, Yall sure do take alot of time to message these women for days. For someone who doesn’t sponsor. I can’t see how all this makes you feel better. The sad part is that Yall sick minds think it’s okay what you do. Women will never stop selling pussy, it’s the oldest career and it will continue long after Yall are gone and no one rememberes this page.

  6. You could at least have the decency not to post her email taken from a private conversation, as you bothered to blank out his.

  7. If she is really 40 she looks really good man? Let her sell pussy its hers right ✌️

  8. I think I banged this broad back in ’09 in the red light district.

  9. Wait… We’re making fun of/shaming Abdullah, right? Because Merel seems awesome. She is very reasonable and sticks to her limits. Perhaps you all hate sex workers, but I think this was a very professional and responsible agreement on their part. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with exchanging sex for money if it is consensual, sane, and discussed beforehand.

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