Miabody and dallasdabody202

 “Hello tagthesponsor my brother and i talked to some hip hop video models and inquired to bring them to Dubai. One of the models was already acquainted with my brother. We offered them some money like every other Instagram model we encounter. And they wanted to fly here. Enjoy.”

اتَّكَلْنا منه على خُصٍّ الاتحاد قوة

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  1. This was a good attempt to expose the "urban Modeling" environment. Yet, I have to say both of these ladies are known strippers….so not a far fetch they would agree to something like this. Now, to be impactful, I would love see you expose these top level "urban models" in Houston, Miami, and Atlanta. The ones that claim they are making all that money from videos and shoots? That would be classic.

  2. Filthy bitch

  3. Urghhh ive just thrown up a little at the sight of that greasy stinky looking oily hole. How vile. Her wig probably flys off while she’s getting it too. She’s so ugly.

  4. The racism in the comments are expected. Your white girls wear fake hair too (and it’s cheaper!)

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