Miapurgaric aka the megatrollop

This is what we call a #MegaTrollop. These can usually survive on a diet solely of champagne and cocaine. You don’t have to feed these bitches. Feed them Moët & a few bumps of Foo-Foo dust and she’s ready to go. They do absolutely nothing for a living but are more self entitled than Kanye west and Donald trump together. Never have a facial expression, you might get a glimpse of a smile only when the wire transfer has been sent. They act very non chalant and composed in public, but it’s just because of the Xanax. Without it the #MegaTrollops have some sort of anxiety disorder due to daddy issues or some weird upbringing. #MegaTrollops will usually take 1000-2000 selfies a day and spend the whole night on their phone. You might think they’re texting but they’re just browsing through pictures of themselves to see which one they will post with the caption #Blessed. #MegaTrollops. Have that one friend, maybe two at most – who does the same. Usually in different parts of the world, but get together every 6-8 weeks to discuss and complain how Larry the ceo or Mohammed the sheik threaten to cut her off. While guzzling down champagne over brunch, they check their emails and DMs to see who’s the next prospect to sponsor. Once they come with a deal, they agree to meet and she’ll ask what he wants her to wear. (This part is so accurate. They always ask that.). These you can always spot alone trying to improv pick ups at expensive restaurants alone, airport vip sections, or window shopping at high end shops. Wearing the top of the line brands, from top to bottom designer, so the potential Don can see she isn’t cheap and it will cost him a hefty penny. One thing about these #MegaTrollops they are very clean and hygienic. Other than when they’re playing the diaper role. But they usually smell good and would never catch them with a single particle of dirt under their nails. Fast forward to 10 years after #MegaTrolloping – they end up marrying a guy that looks like Donald Trump, sit on their asses, socialize with other former #MegaTrollops and their topic of convos are gossiping about their rival #MegaTrollops who supposedly fuck their pool boy and trainer while Charles is away on a business trip. 

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  1. You are disgusting for doing this, she lives with her family in Dubai and she studies at a British university! Just because the girl has a photo in a plane does not make her one of "these". She doesn’t even drink or do drugs, she is committed to her relationship. This is pathetic!!!!

  2. Already deleted her Instagram. If this isn’t the action of someone who’s guilty…..

  3. @DoesItMatter…….assume you are the actual woman in question or one of her friends who shes ask to write that pathetic cover up sob story…..boo hoo hoo

  4. Hahaha deleting her Instagram doesn’t mean she’s covering up, maybe she doesn’t have time for this high school bull shit. You’re all keyboard warriors looool do something with ur life

  5. This can all be avoided…Just Tag The Sponsor ladies

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