SB Sunday: Episode 1 – My first time escorting

SB Sundays will consist of one of our fans who is an escort, telling us her experience. All episodes are based on real life stories. There’s a common misconception that we are against sex workers or like slut shaming. Which is totally not the case. If you read our about us you would know that we solely focus on exposing those who lie to the public. We have a significant percentage of fans that are sugar babies and escorts that support the brands agenda. If you’re willing to flaunt the rewards and benefits of this lifestyle, you should be able to be upfront about what you do. If you want to hide it then don’t flaunt it. Let us know what you think.  



“First off before I give you my story of my first time escorting I just wanted to say thank you for even reading it! Believe it or not writing is very therapeutic for me. I’ve been through a lot of shit in life (like a lot of girls who escort) and went through (still am) depression these last two years. I want to show you a part of my life, make you laugh (or not) make you cry (or not) make you think and feel however you want to feel about this. Please let me know any feedback you have, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much 


            ?My first time escorting?

My first client ever…..He was a short Mexican man, married, didn’t speak too much English, but he thought I was the shit with his cowboy boots and gold chain and a silver tooth,and that thick ass “Mexican man” wallet looking like a damn ice cream sandwich in his back pocket.(if you from the westcoast you know wtf I’m talkin about..??) he was not what I was expecting for my first client. But he was my first client , he chose me out of all the other girls so he must’ve liked me, I showed him love ? and within 10 mins of my account going up online he had set an appointment to see me for later on that night. 

He wanted to see me for an hour , I remembered thinking “FUCCCK MY LIFE a whole HOUR! ” I was so nervous, my first time and I would already be spending an entire hour fucking someone I’ve never met before……what have I come to?

I sat on the edge of my bed , i couldn’t stop smiling. I think it was the fact that within 10 mins of doing this I had my first client. I clearly thought I was the shit. ?. I smile a lot when I get nervous and I just had this huge smile on my face that really read “bitch this muthafucka is about to be a cop and you Finna go to jail and everybody about to know you sell pussy on the low low..” I decided to get ready to get my mind off of things. 

I made sure my hair was done, my nails and feet were done, everything was smooth, I smelled bomb, my breath was fresh, makeup was bomb, and I had on a sexy lil fit (shown in previous post. yes, that is an ACTUAL photo from my first time escorting..) I was ready. 

I sent him an email on where to meet me, and told him to call me when he got to the parking lot.

About a hour and a half later my phone rang. I told him which room I was in and which way to come up. Meanwhile I’m watching him get out of his truck through my window. “Damn I wish he was tall n cute” I thought being my regular bougie self. 

“Call me when you’re outside of the door.”

I told him the room number across from my door so I could get a good look at him first. A couple minutes later my phone rang. He was standing there….. I took a deep breath and opened my door…. 

He turned around super fast, I scared the shit out of him ?? he wasn’t expecting that. I told him to come in.

He looked nervous. Which made me nervous. Which was not good because my dumbass just kept fuckin smiling like a weirdo ????? I told him to come in and asked him to touch my titties (a lil trick hoes do to see if the client is a cop or not) he looked at me, then my titties, and grabbed them. 

I thought his ass was giving me a mammogram he was tuggin and pulling at them I felt like I was in a hentai ?? 
I told him “OK! you’re good! Def not a cop!”

He just smiled and walked over to the bed. I asked him if he needed to clean up and offered my bathroom to him. His said he was pretty clean, just showered, which I believed because he smelled great. He sat my money on the table. We didn’t say anything. He just sat it there and walked away. (He’s clearly done this before) . 

“I’ve never seen you on there before.” He said… Clearly this nigga loves paying for pussy. I told him I was new in town and he lit up (now there is nothing better than being the new girl on the block, this played a huge part in my success, these men see and go to a lot of women. So me being “new” and actually “Real” made me a lot of money… Anyways back to the story..) All these girls out here aren’t even like the photos they have up. You really are you. That’s so great to see..” 
I thought.

“Damn  people really be on here catfishing like that…”

I asked him why he wanted to spend an hour with me. He said “I take forever to cum……” The Scorpio in me saw that as a challenge.
I thought to myself…”????? I’m gonna make cum in 10 mins……”.

He asked me if I had any protection.
“DO I…” I said in my proud *you ain ever gonna catch me without a rubber*voice (You damn right I got protection)?. I bust open my HOE DRAWER (Hoe Drawer: (noun) a place a hoe puts everything that a hoe may need while hoeing…here’s “hoe drawer” used in a sentence.”damn, I left my blunt wraps in my hoe drawer.” ?? )…back to the story…) I had every condom and every size , brand, and color you can think of there right next to my .45 and lube…. 

He looks at me scared. I just smiled at him and told him “don’t worry, it’s for my protection. And yes, I have everything you need….. Are you ready?”
He said he was ready and we got to work. 

Now ladies, you may not like what I’m about to say. But what I say is the truth. If you are married. Make sure your husband is completely taken care of. Because I absolutely HATED fucking with married men. But once I got to actually speaking with them it seems like they just want their wives to be like when she met them. Sex life is down, complaining, one guy hadn’t had sex with his wife in 10 months! She just refused to have sex and he had no idea why. (I’m sure she was cheating) . So if you want to keep your man home and faithful then get nasty. Get freaky, be spontaneous . a lot of ladies getting their bodies back after having a baby is is great thing. Stay sexy. Not just for your man but for yourself. You are NOT happy with yourself when you’re over weight nor do you feel sexy, which is what turns a lot of women off. Which turns your husband off. And turns him to grab his phone and call me , and then imma have to spend y’all kids college money and I don’t wanna do that. Anyways back to the story ??? ? 

So about 45mins goes by and this guy hasn’t even taken off his clothes yet. We’ve just been talking. I ask him “are you ready to do this?” He finally says “ok” and I start to get undressed. I take off my bra. My panties and turn around to look at him and he’s just standing there with his jaw dropped. I’m like wtf .my cali mean mug and inner mean ass Scorpio came out and I said ” Fuck u looking at me like that for?” I was taken back because I thought he was about to do some funny shit, remember this is my first time so I’m on high alert… 

He tells me that I can’t be real. I’m just like “huh” (I was so naive) 
Apparently he thought I looked amazing. And really loved my breasts. 
He asks me if he can just suck them.

I said  *with a straight yet seductive face..* 

“sure “

(Now I’m fuckin nasty y’all, I gotta be real. I love a good titty suck ?? so I’m happier than a bitch right now because I went into this game not thinking I’m gonna even enjoy this shit but when he said he wanted to suck my titties I was all in!? might as well get some fun outta it..)

So I sat on the bed and told him to to lay back on me…. I put my titty in his mouth and asked him in the sexiest voice I could….

“Do you like chocolate milk?”

7 mins later Mr. “I take a while to cum” was exploding all over my spare towel…

I offered him my bathroom to clean up. While he was in there I was just thinking about how I just got paid $1200 to let someone suck my boobs for like 7 mins….

I was hooked…..

He left me a $200 tip and told me that he would see me tomorrow night after his wife fell asleep. I told him that would be ok and walked him out the door. I locked the door. Took a shower (scrubbed my titties extra well) and laid on my bed and counted my money. I just made $1400 to let someone talk me to death and suck my boobs for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe it.”

I knew I was hooked.-@theesxcortlife 


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  1. Hahah this is so funny. Yet it was raw and real. I can appreciate a honest gal. Whoever she is keep her and do more stories. I’m excited about next week now lol. Good job guys.

  2. Greaat writer!

  3. Your logic and reasoning is pretty flawed. Escorts crop and blur photos, and use an alias to hide from the public. So that would be just as much of a lie as these instagram models pretending to have a "normal" job.

    They all can flaunt the rewards and benefits of their life without explaining what they do for work, because it’s nobody’s business.

  4. Yes! Very entertaining

  5. Great story! Makes me want to escort lol

  6. A comedian this bitch ain’t. She clearly thinks she’s funny. This was cringe to read. What a twat

  7. Great Post!

  8. quite entertaining.. post more!

  9. I was going to say this girl is obviously ghetto black but then I read "chocolate milk". Okay story.. Leave the racism out next time and your good to go.

  10. HCarl, what the fuck is Doha? Also, what the fuck is a "scouse"? And anyway, I’m a mortician. Not a very sexy job.

  11. "I’ve been through a lot of shit in life (like a lot of girls who escort) and went through (still am) depression these last two years" says it all. No one "escorts", the current polite term for prostitution, because they have so many other options and are so mentally healthy. Sheesh.

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