When she tries the hummus once

This is the worst. As someone who lives in Dubai, I can testify we absolutely hate these sharmutas. They come play dress up for the pictures and attention back home. Like wearing a Halloween costume. We do appreciate the ones who come and take the time to learn and visit to learn about the culture. But you would see most of these hoes in the mall, or lobbies just taking selfies or having Abdul, the fake prince taking pictures of these Trollops. They don’t even know what it’s called. You’ll see them afterwards uploading a picture on Instagram trying to sound all cultured and intellectual by posting the dumbest caption ever or using google translate to post the Arab alphabet. I saw one bitch post a Hindu quotation once. Then you’ll see all the comments from their naive or whore friends, not knowing that 2 hours before that picture was taken she was getting a train ran by Abdul and his homie Harufie. Oh man, these girls are so pretentious too back home. Whenever I’m in the states with my partners we always see the same girls at clubs, with this grandiose attitude. Rolling eyes, not giving eye contact to the regular joe. But you should see them here in Dubai. Like a dog with the tail between their legs. Just waiting for Mohammed to say jump so they ask how high. It’s truly interesting to see. Or when they live here and tell everyone back home they work in finance. That’s the go to excuse, that they work finance. When most just have a two day a week job serving drinks and the rest of the day’s they’re squatting on a Sheiks cock, milking the hummus out for a few bucks. And yes they do get paid a lot but it’s usually when they’re flown out here. When they live here they don’t nearly get paid as much to get shat on. #TagTheSponsor

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  2. Still a mindless thing to do. These photos suck anyways.

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