I always see my senior brother Samir involved in these funn conversations with these instagram girls/models/. So, I decided to test the waters with Sarah Louise Harris. A playboy playmate from New Zealand. During our conversation, I actually lost focus and was tempted by her beauty. I can’t believethat i thought about paying her 70k USD for a week of sex haha الله يغفر لي …… sincerely yours @dubai.abdullah

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  1. $10K a day for straight up sex 1X a day, no kink, no poo or pee and no anal. Hell, most single women (and men for that matter) would take this offer.

  2. So it’s probably good that you expose what’s behind the "glamour". And you might actually save a girl or two. But have you ever thought about that your exposure may risk pushing a girl to suicide? Sadly I’m pretty sure quite a few of these girls will go down that road somewhere in the future just because of the life (not your exposure).

  3. Looks like this site has a few guys who troll for girls who will accept these offers since the offers are all pretty much all the same, but saying you won’t have sex with your wife after getting tested is disgusting. Maybe there needs to be site exposing men who make these offers and hire these girls.

  4. I wonder if she’ll ever tip her future children’s grade school teachers a few thousand every now and again; or the mail man. Somehow I doubt it. So I don’t feel bad if these women are getting trolled. They make far too much money compared to people who actually do the work which holds society together so that people can eat, have clean water, etc.

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