I just saw you website and it caught my attention

I sent a DM to Olinda Castielle and offered her 25k$ to accompany me during trip plus sex, then she offered me 100k$ for…

Just see the below photos i uploaded for you, it’s interesting

I’m not a pro at texting as i’m not a native English speaker, also i’m a newbie, sorry for that(If you have any suggestion, it would be great for me to consider)



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  1. Have to agree with you about this bish. What a twat. I can’t believe he wanted to still take her Bora Bora after she talked this nonsense, I get an unhinged vibe from her. And the long rant on her IG that she gets such hate from women because she has so many followers. Puh-lease. It is bizarre and sad that people measure their worth by status on a phone app.

  2. Whos patrick? Was her dad or brother or husband her "manager"???

  3. this one was lame. didn’t expose anything really

  4. …Did I miss something? Looks like she knew exactly what was up and played the fake arab sheikh. Doesn’t make her look bad AT ALL. Makes whoever was spamming her look like a complete idiot.

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