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  1. God that was painful to read through.

  2. Pretty good. I’d book her fatass…?. Next time don’t blur out the pics.

  3. The Puerto Rican Huma representative

    No fair we all know them Brazilian ho3s will chop it to get wif of the good life. #truestory

  4. We want to see so startender from lust, squeeze, unchin, and those others spot that these drug dealers clean their money at. #truestory

  5. Look up vaypaquette

  6. These "models" cant help but take the bait. Like a trout to a sinker. You’d think the Dubai thing be played out…yet I guess the dreams of coming up are too good to pass. That dream of turning liquid gold into cash. Hmmm keep it coming. Heard there are few very popular urban models there in dubai right now….One was on a certain bad chick reality show , and the other is a popular southern Mexican bunny.

  7. Fake ass bitch

  8. Let me clarify a few things here, as I live in Brazil.1) Brazil is in a crazy bad economic crisis and the dollar is at ~ 3.75 Brazilian Reais these days. 2) Therefore you just offered her R$112,000 which is the equivalent of the annual salary of a mid-level programmer at a technology company. Annual salary.3) By comparison the minimum wage in Brazil is about R$770 per month and I know girls maybe 75% as hot as the one in the picture who earn that working at a gym, with no health insurance or other benefits.4) So summarizing the above points, the offer was absurdly high. You could offer the average "high end" Brazilian girl $2000 USD and she’ll eat it up – even high profile "actresses"5) Every Brazilian whore worth her salt does anal. Don’t ask. Just say it’s required. It’s a cultural thing. Even if they say they don’t, they do. Just like they’ll bareback, especially for the funds this guy is tossing around.6) Her English is atrocious and you’ll find the same for most Brazilian whores. Why bother?7) Every Instagram or other "model" or actress in Brazil will fuck for money. There’s really no secret to it. They don’t really pretend to not do it, like the US and Europe ones. It’s just part of the culture here.

    • Good points. I always say these girls are not doing this because they have so many other options. This is especially true in countries with bad economies. Sure, a lot of western girls do it to create a fake lifestyle but I think more have no other options due to lack of education and family support.

      • Well, to be fair, there are lots of other options but the girls in Brazil, for example, don’t want to do the hard work. Why earn R$3000/month working as an executive assistant or receptionist, 8 hours per day, with a 1-2 hour commute, 5 days per week, when you can make R$3000 per week getting banged 2x/day for 60 mins. The math just doesn’t add up. When you’re 20 and that kind of money is rolling in, why turn it down for the harder work of a real job? Plus in Brazil (a) girls love sex and (b) paying for it isn’t really a stigma. It’s a well known fact that the hottest "show models" on popular Brazilian TV shows like Panico can all be banged for R$2000-R$3000 or so. The girls want those TV show gigs so they can charge those prices. Again, they’d certainly rather do that then slog with the masses in regular jobs.

        So I guess what I’m saying is, they actually do have other options– but they money they make is so much higher, and the work so much less, that they stay "addicted" to the funds from being a gdp (garota de programa, which is the nice Brazilian way to say "puta").

        • Makes sense if they are all about the money. I assume this girl was pretending to earn her money some other way or she wouldn’t have been targeted.

          • NOT true. Just a page back they write about joelle and paulina, none of them have EVER stated to work with anything else (or anything at all for that matter). They just never answered questions about where they got money from. Tagthesponsor does not have any morals in that sense its just a copout. They do not stand for their own "rules"

          • Listen up "Anna". Do a little research. This girl played it off that she’s a TV presenter or some shit like that.

          • She indeed works on television (cable tv). But only in soft porn and shit likes that

  9. I forgot to mention that prostitution is legal in Brazil. Just pimping or profiting from someone else selling sex is not. So that’s one reason there is less stigma.

  10. Whores are whores . Yet I do admit less stigma in South America than the US. These Instagram models here in the US going to Dubai ;and every other city to city every week slutting for cash . All in the name of "hosting ". Wish they just come on out with it . Telling selling these suckers dreams

  11. If "Sam" is in London so much and the businessman he says he is, maybe he should learn English.

  12. All photos are down! Sponsor can roup they? Brazilian girls are the best. Always! Hehe

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