“Hello tagthesponser we have Been missing you on Instagram. Today I show you this whore Ana Laura Lozano. She pretends to model and sell tea hehe nothing new right.  I told her to like my pics and she did. It is funny the pic I comment on has ur friend the skinny sponsor commenting before me. Maybe he pay her for the sex too? Hehe. This one was very easy and is a pro. I see she always with low fame rappers. She was down for the hummus soon as she DM me. I ask her to fart for me ☺️ She must like my yachts and planes hehe. Enjoy”

– Sam  

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  1. Why do we need to blur out the pics?

  2. Is sam a real person who books ppl?

  3. This whore has now changed her Instagram to ANALOZ3 Dirty trollop

  4. Why do you blur? Thought you weren’t scared of the FBI. Lol ? Love your site saves my week

  5. Disgusting whore. They are prostitutes, perhaps worse than actual prostitutes. I wonder if momma and poppa are proud of these disgusting prostitutes… I’m glad you keep putting them on blast. Yet they call themselves hustlers ?

    • It would be great to somehow send these pics and videos to their parents and then see reaction video.

      There was a scene in some movie a long time ago where a guy is tied down and forced to watch video of his daughter whoring it up while he is screaming "NOOOO TURN IT OFFF"

  6. check yoventura, missydancerken, kimieloveu, anllela_sagra

  7. look up blondeforeigner aka Arnela Niksic

  8. Damn bruh your insta straight got shut down… Guess you don’t know as many important ppl as you claim lol. Sucka.. Still a sick site though, just wish you could back up your big talk

  9. I can’t believe these girls send such graphic pics to total strangers. They have no idea who the guy is and what he will do with them. Crazy

  10. This Sam guy needs to hit up @parisdylan550 on insta. 300k followers, tea promo, trips to nyc and Miami. See what she’s all about bro

  11. Check @luxyferisaloser many times in dubai

  12. Wheres the uncensored pics at? she look like she got a pretty pussy

  13. Why do u keep blocking them out? Lawsuit? She has a nice ass tho

  14. I think every last one of these whores should be put on blast. They act like they are queens and they do acts that are more foul than a prostitute. Istanbul the models are fucking the agency owners so they don’t have to go home broke to Georgia or Siberia. In Los Angeles it’s a fucking orgy. Instagram should be called Instaho.

  15. Your fucking disgusting to put this stuff on the Internet leave them girls alone this whole website is a total shame! I don’t think your momma would be very proud knowing ur doing this to strange girls 😉 I hope ur wife gets fucked your sis and all the whores in ur family r geting a golden shower:-) I’m pretty sure they like it as much as you do! ^^

  16. Anllela_Sagra please check her. Her boyfriend trained her, she got really hot, and on her first fit expo she cheated and leave him, now she lives like a queen in Miami.

  17. I just wonder what this site is about? Leave them girls alone. What is your intention? What is wrong about what them doing. It is their life and not yours . Why are you even interested in that? Are you jealous because you dont get their money? Are you jealous because you are not able to live like the guys who book them? When you post stuff like that what do you get from that? If you think they are disgusting leave them alone. You are unconsciously jealous of this lifestyle and what you See doing is a immature defense mechanism.

    • How about reading the about section you dumb fuck? And the point is, you can cry all you want about how ‘mean’ this all is but guess what? That won’t stop it from happening.

      • You should read my text dumbass. I know what the site is about but that makes no sense to me . why do you want to discriminate prostitutes? What has their life to do with you?

        • They’re being exposed because they appear to be "successful" businesswomen and they’re simply escorts on Instagram. Her followers believe she is a model when in fact she’s a hooker. If she came across as an escort, she wouldn’t be exposed. Simple as that, stupid.

        • If it makes no sense to you then you’re again just admitting that you’re a dumb fuck. I guess in that case it’ll remain a mystery to you. A very ‘mean’ mystery at that…sob sob

  18. Check out ola_fathel shes known for her filthy lifestyle. She’s living in Dubai

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