We already picked one winner to fly out to LA round trip in a Private jet courtesy of @elementjet We need to pick 7 other people.

The other prize we’re doing is, flying out 4 people to LA rt, first class. Each brings a friend. Courtesy of @lunatic_living, you’ll get to party with him too.

This is only for Those who purchase the tickets to our Miami party.

NOTE: you must use the code: TagTheSponsor at check out to enter in the giveaway. You will also receive a discount.

Winners will be announce the day before the event. Winners will be flown out from Miami either the first or second weekend of Dec.

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  1. Who is more pathetic-the women who sell their bodies or the men who pay for it?

  2. L- Both are losers or are otherwise so flawed that no one wants to be with then unless there is a money/ exchange involved.

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