“So I follow this chick mainly because she’s nice to look at when I’m scrolling through Instagram and her snaps have her twerking from time to time. Never will say no to a chicks ass cheeks bouncing.

But this post was so despicably full of trollopy grossness that I gagged up part of my soul. The amount of stupidity in this photo. Let me just flex this red dress and private jet oh but I’m actually just doing an ad for vitamin vape like nigga what vape company paying you to be able to fly private?! Get the fuck out outta here and get your phone back from the guy that took this photo and is paying for your ass.

Rant complete. I’m sure you’ve gotten this picture already but here is my submission. Have a good one!” Lol

You my friend are correct. What it cost to fly one way on that private jet, depending on where she’s going, is a lot more than what that vape company is worth. Whoever paid for that charter or gassed up their Jet can probably buy out the whole vape inventory, along with the ownership, and still have money left to take her to a motel 8. I’m not sure who they think they’re fooling with these “modeling” campaigns. But for the few that know about business, and have a little knowledge about the fashion world know that this Trollop wouldn’t make more than 15-20k a year as a full time model. Which is the same price to fly out on a 2-4 hour charter. She can fool the thirsty followers and her 14 year old fans. But the #TagTeam knows what’s up. #Fraud #TagTheSponsor

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  1. What an idiot!!! You can’t vape vitamin B12. GTFOH

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