For those that want to know what a #ProDickSquatters aka a #DoNothingBitch Instagrams feed looks like, here’s a perfect example. If you look up #Trollop in the hoe dictionary this #Sponsorettes account comes up.  I bet you the pussy has more miles than Speedy Gonzalez. Ask her what she does for a living and she’ll say she’s a model. Ask her for a campaign to show and she’ll block you. Her modeling career is non existent like her morals and integrity. Also non existent like the walls in her axe wound. I bet you she smells like Clorox and disappointment. Bet you her toes got corns from endless walks of shames. I bet you her passport got more stamps than Kat Von Ds torso. Bet the asshole looks like a bacon neck t-shirt. Her bank account is in the negative but her closet full of shoes, because these hoes priorities are all about flaunting and trying to prove their better than you. I bet all she has to offer is other than Botox and pussy, is headaches and chlamydia with HPV on the side. Pussy probably has the grip of fisher price plastic handcuffs. Sponsors don’t pay her to fuck, they pay her to leave. You can lure this subuccus creature in by buying a bottle or two or driving anything 70k and up. Then just write her off at 9am with a rose or two. For the “taxi” of course. Lol expensive ass taxi. But Na, she’s an independent bad bitch. -said no one. #CouldntDoHashtagsBecauseTheyWouldntFit #TagTheSponsor

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  1. She didn’t have time to google the car’s name in order to spell it correctly. its aventador not "avantador"

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