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  1. It's Britney bitch!

    Not unusual . Typical view in every single restaurant in Dubai lol

  2. Why are u only blurring out the guys faces? As if they’re not just as guilty as her, with their wife and kids at home. You guys have a warped point of view

  3. @Common sense

    cause if they ever found themselves on this site some how, the creators of this site would be scared shitless that with all of their money they’d be able to track them down and kill them lmfao..

    • You’re a moron. Stop watching so many movies. We know the men sitting there. They follow us you dingleberry

      • So the men who buy these women then go and tell you all about it, and both of you laugh at the women… the men in your eyes are a-ok? Flexible sense of morality and double standards you got there…

  4. In Islamic Arab culture, it’s 100% okay for a man to cheat on his wife, especially if he cheats with a western woman. However, if a woman so much as shows her hair or legs, she will be labeled a whore. I come from a Middle Eastern and Muslim family and I know this is true. The men in this picture probably have wives and kids, but don’t care because the ladies they are cheating with are "just" western "whores". And if their wives complain, they risk divorce and losing communication with their kids as well as their livelihood.

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